The Pagan Federation (Scotland)



Scottish PF Conference 2015

Sat 11th April 2015

10.00 am - 11.00 pm

EUSA Societies' Centre,
60 Pleasance, Edinburgh EH8 9TJ

Speakers so far:

  • To be confirmed

Plus Evening Entertainment

For more information, see the Events page or contact Kitty

Scottish PF Conference 2015 Scottish PF Summer Camp 2015

Scottish PF Summer Camp 2015

The National Summer Camp of the Pagan Federation (Scotland)

Details to be confirmed

Please note that although we like to welcome dogs, we have to limit their numbers for the safety and comfort of other campers, especially children. We're sure you will understand, so please talk to us beforehand if you wish to bring your dog.


The organisers regret that no liability can be accepted should circumstances require any change to the advertised programme.