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Scottish PF Conference

The National Conference of the Pagan

Federation (Scotland)


Saturday 21 April 2018


Back at The Pleasance
Edinburgh EH8 9RU

10.00am - 11.00pm

Announced so far

The amazing Inkubus Sukkubus will be our evening entertainment. We expect loads of old favourites from their extensive discography, plus one or two from their new album!

We will delve into the world of Folk Horror Revival with Andy Paciorek and Darren Charles, our keynote speakers. This is a much anticipated talk, we can't wait for it.

Rich Blackett - Head of Asatru UK and part of Folk Horror Revival - will give an amazing insigh into werewolves in magic and folklore.

We've managed to bring award-winning author Dr Lizanne Henderson to the conference to talk about her work on Scottish Witchcraft and Scottish Faerie Faith.

The magnificently open Cat Treadwell will talk about being a modern Druid as well as being a Pagan and living with depression. A really insightful discussion to be had!

We'll also explore Aleister Crowley and the Elixir of Life as Jean Fowler, prominent Edinburgh Pagan, presents her research.

Spin some magick with Jennifer McCorkell, expert wool spinner and metalworker, with two workshops - hand spinning and weaving - both with limited numbers!

Having explored Voodoo, western mysticism and traditional witchcraft, to name but a few, we hear from Avi Lago on Espiritismo.

Hear about the King of the Scots, King Arthur, with an thrilling talk by Hugh MacArthur.

Plus, talk with experienced Wiccan Fiona Strathan in a fascinating open discussion group, one of the first two we are holding this year.

This year's closing ritual is by Midlothian AVoD Lodge; a first for the SPF conference!

From inspring talks, interactive workshops, open discussions and spectacular evening entertainment, we've got a brilliant day out in the heart of Edinburgh.

Tickets are now on sale!

Advanced full day tickets: 15 per SPF or PF member or 20 per non SPF member.

Advanced evening tickets: 8 per person.

Stall tickets: SOLD OUT!

Additional charges apply if paying for tickets via PayPal.

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You can buy tickets via snail mail. Please print this form and send a cheque or postal orders to:

SPF Conference Organiser

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KY10 3YA

The organisers regret that no liability can be accepted should circumstances require any change to the advertised programme.

You may be photographed at the event. Please contact the organisers if you do not wish to appear in any photographs.